Summer is here!  This is a great time of year for you and you dog to have some fun.  Being outside this time of year is great but requires some precautions to keep your dogs  safe and healthy.

Of course we all know DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CAR.  Even with windows open a car heats up fast and dogs can overheat in a matter of minutes.  When your dog gives you the sad eyes because you are walking out the door remember they will be safe and happy when you return and then you can have some supervised fun.

Throughout the day, in the summer heat, the sidewalks and roads heat up.  If you can’t walk your dog in a park, walk in the morning or evening so their feet don’t get too hot.

Dogs with short noses don’t handle the heat well.  They are prone to overheating if outside too long or have too much exertion in the heat.  Keep outside running and walking to a minimum.  Always have water available and watch for signs of heat exhaustion, such as lethargy, disorientation, excessive panting.  If you see signs of heat exhaustion, bring dog inside, apply a cool cloth to ears, (the blood vessels in the ears are close to the skin and will cool down the blood to the body quicker) and call your Veternarian or emergency animal clinic.

Dogs with short noses don’t do well in water either.  When they are near a pool supervise them so they don’t inhale water and panic.  If you are a boater, life vests for dogs are available in case they get in the water and get separated from you, they can suffer exhaustion and the vest will keep them afloat until you can help them.

Outdoor summer fun with your dog can be lots of fun and with a few safety precautions you can really enjoy all our community offers!



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