Our Humane society of Vero Beach and Indian River County is in need of donations for their SNIP program.  This is a wonderful program to help get pets in our community spayed and neutered.  Everyone needs to know that nationwide our shelters are overcrowded, and it is not just dogs, the amount of kittens and cats is just as heartbreaking.  Cats are very adept and sneaking out unnoticed.  Well one unneutered male can wreak havoc with local and feral cats.

This needs to be said:  A neutered dog or cat does not reflect on the masculinity of the owner.  The pet is the one being neutered.  Neutering helps with many behavioral problems that lead to animals ending up in shelters.  If an animal is neutered before 6 months spraying to mark territory should not be an issue.  As the animal matures unneutered males tend to get more aggressive, again leading to them ending up in shelters.

Having just one litter “because my dog is so beautiful, good tempered and cute” is NEVER a good idea.  All it does is guarantee that one more shelter dog will not get a forever home and be put to death or linger longer in a no-kill shelter.

I am making this plea to all people who own a pet.  WE CANNOT ADOPT OUR WAY OUT OF THE PET OVERPOPULATION CRISIS!

The kindest and most humane action you can take if you love animals is to make sure that less are born and more get to live out their lives with loving, responsible families.




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